What piqued my interest in Captain Thomas Bowrey?

I have no historical background. At grammar school, I dropped history as early as I could due to a history teacher who thought the subject could be learned by simply copying down what she wrote on the blackboard and a physics teacher who believed that history was a subject anyone could learn later in life simply by reading. Whatever the rights or wrongs of this, I believe that the rigour and critical attitude gained from a scientific training is a good background for future historical research. My interest in history was awakened when I started researching my family history. This grew into an interest in surname studies and, eventually, my one-name study into the Bowry surname (and variants, including Bowrey).

Shortly after starting the study, in August 2014, I first came across Captain Thomas Bowrey. At that stage, the biggest mystery was why I had never encountered him before because almost every time I searched the Internet, I find yet another reference to him. The more I found, the more intrigued I became. It did not take long for me to decide that I wanted to write a book about his life.

This, in itself, was a surprise. As I mentioned, I had a scientific background and most of my career was spent working in IT – a long way from writing history. I had had a few articles published in specialist hobby magazine but no serious historical writing.

I hope that others may be interesting in my progress through this project – hence this blog.


3 thoughts on “What piqued my interest in Captain Thomas Bowrey?

  1. Hi,
    Im Alison ( nee Bowry) and I’m researching my Bowry tree back to the 1600s. I have come to a bit of a stop at Thomas Bowry /Bowery my direct ancestor born about 1680s or 90s? I have records going back further and some documents signed by King George III for various relatives and deeds etc. If you have any info I’d be grateful of any leads!
    Kindest regards


  2. Alison
    I have now been able to take a look at my data.
    I have nearly 100 Thomas BOWRY/BOWERY/BOWREYs in my one-name study, not all of course born 1680/90s. It would help if you could let me have more information about your tree so that I can identify what I have that may help you. Please email to captainthomasbowrey@gmail.com.
    The one thing that I can say is that your Thomas BOWRY is not a direct descendant of Captain Thomas Bowrey because he had no children.
    I should be very interested to know more about the deeds and other documents you mention.


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