What piqued my interest in Captain Thomas Bowrey?

I have no historical background. At grammar school, I dropped history as early as I could due to a history teacher who thought the subject could be learned by simply copying down what she wrote on the blackboard and a physics teacher who believed that history was a subject anyone could learn later in life simply by reading. Whatever the rights or wrongs of this, I believe that the rigour and critical attitude gained from a scientific training is a good background for future historical research. My interest in history was awakened when I started researching my family history. This grew into an interest in surname studies and, eventually, my one-name study into the Bowry surname (and variants, including Bowrey).

Shortly after starting the study, in August 2014, I first came across Captain Thomas Bowrey. At that stage, the biggest mystery was why I had never encountered him before because almost every time I searched the Internet, I find yet another reference to him. The more I found, the more intrigued I became. It did not take long for me to decide that I wanted to write a book about his life.

This, in itself, was a surprise. As I mentioned, I had a scientific background and most of my career was spent working in IT – a long way from writing history. I had had a few articles published in specialist hobby magazine but no serious historical writing.

I hope that others may be interesting in my progress through this project – hence this blog.



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