Bowrey and the Olympic Spirit

Like many people, I have been distracted from Bowrey’s biography over the past few weeks by the Rio 2016 Olympics. Bleary eyes from late nights and more hours of watching the box than I ought have resulted in spending less time preparing for my next chapter than I had planned. Now I am attempting to focusing back in on Bowrey and his life.

Team GB has far exceeded everyone’s expectations and all the pundits seem to credit attention to detail and small incremental improvements for this success.

Captain Thomas Bowrey would certainly understand this approach. He, like Daniel Defoe, was an inveterate projector but, when you study the respective plans for their projects, Bowrey’s were greatly more detailed than Defoe’s. Each of Bowrey’s projects were an attempt to improve the rewards from the East Indies trade, not just for the country but for himself as well.

I have heard commentators say that why cannot we do for the NHS or the economy of post-Brexit UK what has been done for Team GB. I am sure that Bowrey would have agreed. More than that, he would have wanted to be involved.

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