Research, Research, Research

I wrote some time ago about the need to stop researching and start writing. Of course, there will always be more research to do. Whilst writing a chapter, there will always be details that you need to check in the archives. I needed to do that for my chapter on Bowrey’s projects.

What I had not expected was to find a completely new source but that is what reading Anna Winterbottom’s Hybrid Knowledge in the Early East India Company World. She pointed me at the comments Henry Smith had made in a proof copy of Bowrey’s English-Malayo-English Dictionary. Having looked at this document at the School of Oriental and African Studies, I then had more follow-up research to do.

This took me back to the British Library and a fascinating time checking out Smith’s movement in the East Indies. It turns out that he was a most notorious, naughty, false, lying fellowe who was sent home from India in 1684. Later he ended up in Newgate, probably on charges of piracy, but surfaced again to be sent to Edinburgh on Bowrey’s behalf in 1707.

I managed to combine the trip with an excellent copyright workshop led by Naomi Korn which will be very useful. I can highly recommend her workshops to any new author and copyright is a thorny subject you will need to come to grips with.

Now back to the writing …


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