Captain Thomas Bowrey – Another Uphill Chapter

My second chapter on Bowrey’s life in the East Indies (1680-1788) was going really well when I caught a cold. It’s not  even a very bad cold but I have found it impossible to continue writing. I could probably do the writing part but I just cannot concentrate on the source material.

I have been staring at his handwriting for so long now that I read it reasonably fluently. There is the odd word I cannot make out but, then, there is the odd words I cannot make out when my mother or husband writes. Considering much of Bowrey’s surviving manuscripts are draft copies and are three hundred years old, it is easy going. So it is not that. I just work through a page and my brain is a fog. I just do not understand what I have just read.

I am so glad that I built enough contingency into my plan. I only have to finish this chapter by the end of the year to stay on track. I hope to post better progress by this time next week.


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