Slow Progress – Bowrey’s Eventful Life in the East Indies 1680-1688

Bowrey’s second period in the East Indies from 1680 to 1688 was eventful and this chapter is taking a long time to write. There is great satisfaction in matching events in his papers with mentions in the records of the East India Company but it all takes time. It is understandable that I made no progress while I had a cold. I need a clear head to bring all the sources together.

The time spent has been worthwhile because I have uncovered events of which I had not previously been aware. For example, in 1680 the ketch Bowrey was commanding was attacked off the Malabar Coast and he only escaped with his life by taking to the ketch’s boat under the cover of darkness and rowing four days for Goa.

I have just reached the point in 1687 where Bowrey was imprisoned by the Havildar at Porto Novo and have already written almost 7,000 words. His imprisonment resulted in Bowrey not being able to return home for England as early as he had hoped. The consequence of this as that. the following year, the pirate William Dampier stay ay his home in Aceh. There is a long way still to go.  It is becoming to be clear that this period may need to be split into two chapters.

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