On This Day: 18 February 1688/9

When Captain Thomas Bowrey left India for the final time in October 1688, he left instructions behind with Henry Alford, one of his business agents, for his remaining stock to be sold, trade goods purchased with the proceeds and these goods to be shipped to him in London.

On this day in 1688/9, Alford loaded this cargo of raw silk and tea on board the ship Rochester Captain John Brommell commander. The goods were to be delivered to Bowrey at the house of Philip Gardiner, apothecary of Wapping.

The letter sent by Alford on the Rochester included news of the deteriorating situation in Bengal. The employees of the East India Company had abandoned their factories and homes. Bowrey’s business partner, Robert Masfen had been to the region only to find that their property had been Seized on by the moors and Alford reported that Bowrey was not the only Sufferer in those Parts.

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