On This Day: 5 March 1701/02

Robert Callant, the Supercargo of the Worcester, wrote to Bowrey from on board on this day in 1702 with more disappointing news from the ship. On the 2 March, they had weighed anchor in the Downs. It was hoped that the voyage had finally started. This letter to the freighters of the Worcester was to inform them that the weather was so bad that they had had to return from whence we came.

Clearly understanding that Bowrey, in particular, would not be happy about this turn of events, Callant set out an hour-by-hour chart of the winds with additional notes, presumably hoping that Bowrey would understand that they had no choice.

There is an interesting stamp on the address side of this letter: MR over 7 inside a circle which was, presumably, an early postmark (for 7 March).

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