On This Day: 6 March 1702/03

Today’s document is one of those frustrating manuscripts within Bowrey’s papers that cause me to understand, despite the volume, so much has gone missing. I am beginning to believe, in the main, he only retained the documentation for his contentious ventures.

On this day in 1703, John Middleton wrote from the Downs about some books Bowrey had left on board. The letter starts by Middleton thanking Bowrey for his kindness in visiting them and finishes with Middleton passing on his regards to Bowrey’s father & mother & sister. It is known from Bowrey’s will that John Middleton was his cousin but there are few references to his family in other documents. Middleton wanted Bowrey to ensure that his wife received the linen had sent her by a stranger.

It is also unclear what ship Middleton was on and what, if any, Bowrey’s connection was to the ship he visited. It is strange that he should visit this ship for a social visit when he had not visited the Worcester in the Downs at the same time the previous year despite having so many concerns about that ship.


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