On This Day: 7 March 1704

Today in 1704, Leendert Sonsbeeck wrote to Bowrey from Flushing about Bowrey’s ship, the Rising Sun, commanded by Captain Thomas Wybergh. He reported that the ship had left the port on the 28th of the previous month and, with a fine East wind, was out of sight of the city by 10 a.m.

The Rising Sun had been in the port to be repaired following the damaged sustained in the Great Storm of 1703. The ship had sailed in a convoy of twenty ships including two East India ships and the rest heading for the West Indies. Twelve of the ships were well armed so that Sonsbeeck believe that they were safe against even five or six privateers. This was all good news for Bowrey.

The rest of what Sonsbeeck had to say was not. Although he considered Wybergh to be an honest man, he was no seaman and he had experienced a great deal of trouble with his crew. He believed that the war (the War of Spanish Succession) was at fault causing disorder about seamen.

He finished with a summary of what he had laid out on the Rising Sun, his account for which would be sent the following week.

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