On This Day: 10 March 1702/03

On this day in 1703, Robert Hasswell received £4/10/- from Bowrey in respect of taking him to the Downs and back to London in the Duck Yacht. This must have been for the visit Bowrey made to his cousin, John Middleton a short while before.

This is the only reference to Hasswell in all of Bowrey’s papers. Unlike many receipts in the papers, this is not in Bowrey’s hand and was probably written by Hasswell himself. From his spelling, he does not appear to be a particularly educated man. As Bowrey was perfectly capable of sailing the Duck himself, perhaps Hasswell was employed as a pilot.

This document simply raises more questions than it answers. £4/10/- was a considerable sum to pay someone for a few day’s work. The visit to Middleton’s ship in the Downs surely must have been important for Bowrey to spend this much yet it must remain a mystery.

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