On This Day: 14 March 1703/04

Sometimes a document can completely baffle me for a while, at least. Even friend Google let me down on this one.

Today in 1704 Bowrey paid his account amounting to £12/16/09 with Matthew Weston, ingraver. The writing is clear and there should be nothing unusual about this receipt – but it is the details that had me puzzling :

  • 47 Painted Bubbles att 2s:9d (?) painting . . 6:09:03
  • 52 Engrav’d Bubbles att 2s:6d (?) Engraved . . 6:07:06

My guess first guess was that these Bubbles may have been the small glass window panes used before plate glass was developed. Bowrey did have a number of houses built in Goodmans Fields around this time. But, if that was correct, why would they be painted or engraved?

Eventually I decided that they must be glass hubblebubbles, perhaps some of the 200 Bowrey purchased a week or so earlier (and the indecipherable word was yours). Although surely engraving the glass would weaken it, making it unsuitable for heating?

I should be interested in any suggestions anyone may have.

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