On This Day: 22 March 1701

On this day in 1701, Bowrey’s the Prosperous departed and Bowrey listed the Men on board with their Sallaries. These range as follows:

Captain John Hilliard received £10/0/0 per month (worth about £1,500 today). His three mates, Dan Purkins, Dan Sanders and John Webber, received £6, £4 and £3 per month respectively. The Supercargo and Purser were also paid £3 per month. I find the discrepancy in the salary of the captain and supercargo interesting as the  latter was responsible for the itinerary and trade. The trumpeter actually received more than the supercargo – £3/10/0.

At the other end of the scale, the supercargo’s servant received no pay and was, presumably paid by his master out of his £3. Bowrey’s cousin Thomas Studds was one of the sailors paid only £1/5/0 per month (worth a little over £200 today) less than the captain’s steward.


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