On This Day: 23 March 2017

Finding that I have no documents or events for 23 March, I have decided to post an update.

Since the weekend, I have seriously deviated from my writing plan. I finished the first draft of my chapter on Bowrey’s Dictionary on Sunday 12 March and had put it aside for a week before reworking it when I receive the first lesson of Gill Blanchard’s module 2 of Writing Your Family History. I became so excited about the course work that, after two sleepless night, I decided to write a completely new chapter for my book.

The chapter on Bowrey’s childhood was always going to be a challenge because nothing was previously known about it. Two things happened: I discovered that there still a great deal to say but I also managed to piece together quite a bit about his family and early life. I do not intend to say much about this as I want to keep my findings until I publish the book but suffice it to say, I managed to write 2,285 word on one day and, with some research still to complete, the chapter now stands at more than 3,500 words.

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