On This Day: 1 April 1713

On this day in 1713, just eighteen days after Thomas Bowrey was buried, Thomas Graves wrote to the widowed Madam Bowrey asking her to look in papers for the Worcester for the note of the Parliaments votes In the Year 1707 Concerning the Shipp Worcester.

Bowrey was known to be continuing has campaign for compensation for his losses in the Worcester affaire until the end of his life. The campaign was clearly continuing after his death but I am not aware what this Parliamentary vote was about. It is worth noting, however, that the Worcester incident was linked to the move to the Act of Union between England and Scotland. The Union took place on 1 May, just one month after this letter.

In finishing his letter, Graves thought to pass on his condolences to the widow. The implication is that this is the first contact he has had with Mary Bowrey following her husband’s death. However, there is no record of Thomas Graves having any contact with Bowrey during his life. Did he, perhaps, employ someone to carry on his fight when he realised that he would soon die?

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