On This Day: 5 April 1927

Today in 1927, Henry Howard wrote to his dear Cousin, possibly Lady Ruth Fry, from Stone House near Kidderminster. Lady Fry was a Quaker who collected Quaker related manuscripts. Her papers are now held at the Quaker House Library in London.

The letter concerns the Bowrey Papers which were of interest to Lady Fry because of the documents relating to Peter Briggins included in them. Peter Briggins was a Quaker who rented property to Bowrey.  Howard, who had purchased Bowrey’s Papers in 1921, wrote that There is only one letter from Briggins to Bowrey. It is about the insurance of the Kings Head Inn. He signs himself your real friend Peter Briggins – Apparently he did not claim Bowrey as a kinsman.

Lady Fry had, presumably, hoped that Bowrey may have been related to her, as her cousin Henry Howard was a descendant of Briggins.

The letter from Howard also mentions the two letters from Daniel Defoe to Bowrey that were in the Papers (he later sold these) and documents signed by Elihu Yale (which were donated to Yale University). Howard gave Lady Fry two receipts from the Papers which are now held in the Quaker House Library. All this demonstrates how widely spread Bowrey’s Papers now are.

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