On This Day: 14 April 1708

On this day in 1708, Bowrey paid his wine bill for wine delivered at the end of February and in early April.

Nothing unusual about this but, today, we rarely if ever purchase our Claret by the gallon. In February, he purchased 2 gallons of Claret and 1 of Lisbon. In April, it was just 1 gallon of Claret and 2 of Lisbon. However, I am sure that we may consider purchasing wine by the gallon if we could get it for the same price: Claret at 30p a gallon an Lisbon at 40p.

That is equivalent to £44 and £59 at today’s values but that is about £7.25 and £9.75 for a standard 75cl bottle and his household’s monthly consumption a little over one bottle every five days. Nothing excessive then.

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