On This Day: 20 April 1688

On this day in 1688, Bowrey started an account book for his business whilst he stayed at Aceh. The accounts ended 16 May but his stay there lasted at least a month or so longer because that is when the pirate, William Dampier, visited Bowrey at his house.

Once he arrived back in England, Dampier became a celebrity and was even recorded as kissing the hand of Queen Anne.

Although he had his ship in the harbour, Bowrey elected to stay in a house on shore because of the risk of attack. He had been trying to return home to England for some time but his plans kept being thwarted. There are indications that he was starting to feel nervous. During Dampier’s visit, Bowrey fled the port for a while and, when he returned, attempt to encourage Dampier to join him in an overland journey home. This plan also came to nothing.

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