On This Day: 22 April 1705

Today’s manuscript is a single page endorsed on the reverse: A Petition to ye Queen delivered [unreadable] 22th April 1705 dran by Mr Hungerfoard. The front is labelled ‘8’ in the top left corner. The document has been catalogued as Petition to the Queen, part only and apparently a draft and relating to the Prosperous. It is not it Bowrey’s handwriting.

This single sheet demonstrates much of the frustration of studying Bowrey’s papers. A few years after they were discovered, they were purchased by Henry Howard and he set about ‘organising’ them. Subsequently, Richard Carnac Temple edited various groups of the papers into three books. Later still, Howard deposited or sold various batches of the papers with a range of organisations and individuals. As repositories reorganise and rationalise their collections, most of the papers have since been moved again.

Needless to say, the papers have lost all context. I have mentioned recently how two original copies of the same documents have ended up in different collections. There is no consistency remaining and we are left with pages such as today’s apparently page 8 of a draft of something.

What it does not appear to be. The page mentions Green, Madder and Simpson. These are the three from the Worcester who were hanged at Leith, Edinburgh.

OK, rant over. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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