On This Day: 25 April 1707

On this day in 1707, Bowrey met with Peter Briggins. We know this because Briggins recorded the meeting in his diary which still survives.

Briggins was a Quaker who kept a diary for a number of years. Unfortunately, a second diary, once held at the London Metropolitan Archives, can no longer be found. Although Briggins’ tiny writing is easy to read his spelling was terrible even by the standards of the early 18th century and some of his abbreviations baffling. He does, however, manage to cover a great deal in a very small space.

We know that, on this day, he stay home during the morning. In the afternoon he met with Bowrey (to collect the rent for the King’s Head Inn, Southwark although he does not say that), sold some East India Company shares to a Mr Shaw, purchased a bond(?) for his father, went to the Royal Exchange and Eteridge’s (coffee house) and finished the day at a Quaker meeting before returning home.

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