On This Day: 11 May 1706

On this day in 1706, Bowrey drafted a petition to Queen Anne. The owners and freighters of the Worcester had previously petitioned the Queen on the 18 November 1705 and complained of their distress as a result of the unlawful seizure of their ship and cargo which had since been sold by the Scots in reprisal for the seizure of the Scots ship, the Annandale, by the East India Company.

Bowrey calculated that their losses amounted to £35,006/1/3 (worth over £5m today) and was seeking restitution by Letters of Reprisall on ye Scots Nation. The Queen had previously set up a committee under the Attorney General to examine their case. This had declared that their losses were less than 70% of the amount claimed and that they could not legally issue a Letter of Reprisal.

Needless to say, Bowrey and the other owners did not agree with this ruling and, by this petition, were reiterating their case for full compensation.

This latest petition was delivered to Sir Charles Hedges who at this time was a judge in the Admiralty Court, a Secretary of State and Privy Councilor.

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