On This Day: 18 May 1704

On this day in 1704 William Moody, the cooper on board the Rising Sun, wrote to Bowrey requesting that his monthly wages be paid to Walter Browne to whom he had given his power of attorney. Browne was looking after Moody’s wife’s finances in Moody’s absence. Moody wanted most of his pay to go to the support of his wife and children as they had no other support.

Moody showed great concern about his family. At the start of the letter he humbly apologises for the Trubell (trouble) he is giving Bowrey. He finished hoping the Bowrey would reap the benefit of his charity and that both Bowrey and Good Madam Bowry were in good health.

Moody may have experienced working for the Royal Navy who were notorious for very late payment to their crews leaving many families in difficulties. East India Company ships’ crew were much better treated in that respect. From his papers, it appears that Bowrey (an independent trader) followed their example and paid his crew well and on time.

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