On This Day: 19 May 1693

On this day in 1693, Charles Sherer wrote Bowrey a long letter from Fort St George with much news including how the report of the moguls death was false rumour. False news is nothing new!

This, however, is not what I wish to comment on today. It is the address on the reverse that is of interest. The letter is addressed to Captain Thomas Bowrey in Grinwich Cresent London.

Bowrey is known to have lived at Greenwich at times in his life and a few sources describe it as East Greenwich. At the time, East Greenwich referred to Greenwich proper and West Greenwich was Deptford. This is the only document that I have found so far that gives a street address.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to discover any more information about Greenwich Crescent. The road does not appear to exist today. If anyone knows more about the Crescent, I should love to hear about it.

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