On This Day: 21 May 1707

On this day in 1707 Bowrey drafted a proposal to the Marquese of Carmarthen to solve the problems of the pirates of Madagascar and the Arabs of Muscat as well as doing considerable other services to the nation.

In his proposal, Bowrey points out that majority of the pirates on Madagascar were English, These pirates not only attacked English shipping but also that of the Great Mogul and other Indians. In retaliation, the Mogul and other Indians were refusing to trade with English merchants and especially the East India Company.  Stopping this piracy would have obvious benefits but, in addition, the pirates had great wealth which they would us to purchase pardons from the English government.

The proposal was that a squadron should head for Madagascar where the pirates would be offered the opportunity of purchasing their pardons. Once they agreed, and paid, they should join with the squadron which would move onto Mobassa and Patta where the Muscat pirates were based. The enlarged squadron were then to defeat the Muscat pirates and release their European slaves.

Once that was completed, the squadron would collect nutmeg and clove plants to be taken to English plantations in the West Indies.

Nothing appear to have come of this ambitious proposal.


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