On This Day: 25 May 1685

On this day in 1685, Bowrey started his journal of accounts at Aceh. He purchased and sold a wide range of goods from tea and copper to sashes, lunges, muslin, and longcloth.

Bowrey also used the journal to record his complaints. He started his stay with a few days of difficult negotiations with local officials in order to receive the necessary chops (rubber stamps) to land his goods.

Then the Cattwal (according to Bowrey’s own dictionary a marshal, sheriff or chief officer in a city) sent for him and told him he was not allowed to stay in the house he had rented. No European merchant had previous lived above the English factory and he needed to find a house below the factory. He was shown a house considered acceptable for a European. Bowrey took it but he considered it inferior to the one he had originally taken.

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