On This Day: 28 May 2017

I am straying away from Bowrey’s life and papers for today to note that, today, Gill Blanchard’s Writing Your Family History course Module 2 which I have been taking over the last ten weeks  has officially ended. I have found this such a valuable experience and believe that my writing has improved because of it.

At the same time, I am reading Gill’s Lawson Lies Still In The Thames and enjoying it immensely, even if I do find myself reading it with a much more critical eye – but, then, Gill has brought that on herself! By combining my research and the information in the book, I now know that Thomas Bowrey’s father was involved in the incident referred to in the title. If you want to know more, you need to read her book.

Through her book and the course, Gill has been an impetus to me unlocking the mystery of Thomas’ birth and family background. Questions she asked about the family whilst completing her book encouraged me to delve further into the available records and exercises during the course pushed me further (even if I was ignoring the instruction to write without doing more research). I am afraid that I do not intend to spell out my discoveries here. I will save these for my book and, for that, you must have patience.

I am now looking forward to working through the latest of Gill’s excellent feedback and getting back to concentrating on with writing my book. I do recommend Gill’s courses to anyone starting to write non-fiction. They are as useful for writing biography as they are for writing family history.

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