On This Day: 7 June 1685

On this day in 1685, merchant Robert Harbin signed a Quit Claim absolving Thomas Bowrey of Fort St. George of all debts to him. A Quit Claim was usually used to transfer real property from one person to another.

These documents in Bowrey’s papers are always extremely frustrating because, despite covering all manner of debts from ye beginning of ye World unto the day the document was signed they fail to mention the detail, or even the nature, of the debts concerned. It is unlikely that it was conveying real estate as such a document would have been used for in England.

It is interesting that, despite this document being signed in India and, presumably, related to debts in the East Indies, the date is given used the regnal year: Seven & Thirtieth Yeare of ye reigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles ye 2d by ye Grace of God of England Scotland France & Ireland King Defender of ye Faith – i.e. 1685. Charles II had died on 6 February that year but it was too soon for the news to have reached India.

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