On This Day: 21 June 1705

On this day in 1705, Bishop John Evans of Bangor wrote to Thomas Bowrey asking if Bowrey knew of any ships bound suddenly for India. The Bishop went on to commiserate for his misfortune in ye Worcester and requested more information about it from Bowrey. The Bishop offered his opinion that the ship was a political sacrifice designed to divide England and Scotland and signed himself as Bowrey’s real friend.

John Evans had gone to India as an East India Company chaplain in 1678 where he was based in Hugly, Bengal.  By 1692, he was based at Fort St George but he fell foul of the Company for his association with interlopers (free merchants outside the control of the company) and trading as a merchant. The Company discussed stopping his salary at the beginning of 1692 and he returned to his homeland of Wales via London about 1698. Evans was made Bishop on 4 January 1702. As Bishop of Bangor and, later, Meath he was not afraid of courting political controversy.

In India, Thomas Bowrey was based for most of his time at Fort St George but also spend much time in Hugly so it is likely that he had known the Bishop for ten years from 1678. Bowrey did business with Evans in the East Indies in the 1680s and again in 1702 after he had returned to England.



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