On This Day: 28 June 1688

Some time around this day in 1688, Thomas Bowrey invited the pirate William Dampier to his house in Aceh. In Dampier’s own words:

When I was a little recovered from the effects of my drench I made shift to go abroad and, having been kindly invited to Captain Bowrey’s house there, my first visit was to him, who had a ship in the road but lived ashore. This gentlemen was extraordinary kind to us all, particularly to me … he gave each of us 12 mess apiece, a gold coin, each of which is about the value of 15 pence English … and treated me always with wine and good cheer.

Bowrey was not simply acting the good host. He had ulterior motives. He wanted Dampier to become his boatswain on a voyage to Persia intended to be the first stage on Bowrey’s return to England. Bowrey failed. Dampier choose to find a berth with another captain.

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