On This Day: 1 July 1699

On this Saturday in 1699, Thomas Bowrey’s wife bathed at Bath. During their stay, Thomas and Mary bathed eleven times each, some days both of them  – would that have been separately? This is not clear from the Household Account but they show amounts paid to the man guides and the women guides. Other payments were made to the Sargant, the Cloth woman, the Chair man and the Pump woman. In total the fees paid amounted to £2/4/0 (about £280 today)

Taking the Waters, drinking the mineral water at Bath, was a relatively new fashion in the seventeenth century but therapeutic bathing in the hot spring water had been practiced for centuries. In 1668 Thomas Guidott, who had studied chemistry and medicine at Oxford, moved to Bath. Having studied the curative properties of the waters, in 1676 he wrote A discourse of Bathe, and the hot waters there. Also, Some Enquiries into the Nature of the water.

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