On This Day: 7 July 1695

On this day in 1695, Captain Thomas Bowrey started selling a number of his shares in various joint stock companies through Richard Chevall. His shares were sold over a two and a half month period. Referring to the timeline of Bowrey’s life in Wapping, he was probably releasing funds to invest in the purchase of, and trading voyage on, the |St. George although the £14/6/0 raised (equivalent to about £2,000 today) was a long way from the investment he needed.

Richard Chevall’s statement gives us an insight into Bowrey’s areas of interest. Predictably he held shares in the East India Company as well as the Royal African Company – another trading company. Bowrey also sold shares in the Lynen (Linen) Company.

This Linen Company is a little of a mystery. The British Linen Company  was set up to promoted the linen trade in Scotland and morphed into one of the Scottish Banks merging with the Bank of Scotland in 1971 but this linen company was not set up until 1746. I can only assume that the Linen Company in which Bowrey held shares was a similar organisation to promote the English linen trade.

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