On This Day: 23 July 1712

On this day in 1712, Andrew Searle (senior) wrote to Captain Thomas Bowrey. The relationship between the Bowreys and Searles is unclear but correspondence between their wives also survives.

At this time, Bowrey was helping to resolve a conflict between Searle and his son, also Andrew, concerning his son’s debts. The father was concerned that the son’s debts were greater than the value of Chambers, their house in Essex. There is a separate listing of the debts showing that they amounted to £991/10/0 (the equivalent of over £130,000 today). About 60% were described as “old debts” and the rest “new debts”. Unfortunately, there is no indication of how Andrew Searle (junior) incurred such a large debt.

In September, Bowrey wrote to the son with the proposed resolution to this dispute. The father would not only settle the son’s debts but would also pay £200 or £300 ready money to his son and his grandson, yet another Andrew, would be sent to university. All the son was expected to do was to sell his house in Duck Lane. Bowrey wrote to the father at the same time saying that he believed his offer to be kind and reasonable.




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