On This Day: 30 July 1700

On this day in 1700, Humphrey Dyke and Harcourt Master, both London Merchants, agreed the Charter Party (agreement for the terms of a voyage) for the voyage of the Rising Eagle to be commanded by Captain Benjamin Boucher.

A printer Charter Party form was used but all the information specific to this voyage was added in Thomas Bowrey’s handwriting and the document was found in his papers but he is not mentioned once. Other than the Charter Party and a slip of paper, there is nothing else in the papers about the Rising Eagle. At the end of the document, Bowrey added in his own had that the Rising Eagle was permitted to stop to take on board wine at Madras on the outward voyage and St Helena and Ascention on the homeward journey but not to anchor at any of these places.

Bowrey’s involvement in the Rising Eagle is a mystery. There is no record of him knowing the two owners or captain in his papers. As they were using a pre-printer form for the Charter Party requiring only a few details to be added, it seems unlikely that he was providing expertise.

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