On This Day: 2 August 1707

On this day in 1707, Henry Smith wrote to Thomas Bowrey from Edinburgh having arrived there at noon. Keen to demonstrate that he had wasted no time after taking longer than expected on his journey from London, Smith had already met with Mr Stewart and had another meeting arranged for later in the day. Since his letter from Doncaster, his journey had been slowed by Monsoon rains.

The news was not good. He had learned that most of the proceeds from the sale of the Worcester‘s cargo had been passed to the owners of the Scottish ship, the Annandale, but there was still some of the cargo held in a warehouse.

There was clearly still much sensitivity about the Worcester affair because both Mr Stewart and Mrs Bartlet (with whom Smith was lodging) warned him to be very secret in his enquiries. He added the whole towne being sensible that Capt Green dyed inocent. Guilty consciences would result in the people will not saying anything.

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