On This Day: 9 August 1707

On this day in 1707, Henry Smith wrote to Thomas Bowrey from Edinburgh where he was acting on behalf of the owners and freighters of the Worcester reporting that he had been visited by Barbara Binning and her lawyer.

Mrs Binning had provided board and lodging for John Madder, the chief mate of the Worcester and her near Relation, whilst he was in Edinburgh until he was imprisoned. He also borrowed money from her. After he was taken to jail she continued to help him by providing candles, sheets and blankets. When Madder was ill, she paid for physicians, surgeons and extra coal.

After Madder was executed, Mrs Binning applied to the Scots African Company to be given Madder’s possession in recompense for the £40 she had spent but was denied and awarded only £13. She was now appealing to the owners of the Worcester for assistance.

Mrs Binning and her lawyer were to become very persistent in her claim over the following weeks making life difficult for Smith until he finally left Edinburgh on 17 September. Being accosted by the pair of them as he was trying to leave the city, he resorted to sneaking out of the back gate of someone’s house.

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