On This Day: 10 August 1704

On this day in 1704, John Shore wrote to Captain Bowrey at Tunbridge Wells in response to the letter he had received from Bowrey who was enquiring about warehousing for his goods. Although the warehouse enquired about was currently full of Canes (sugarcane?), Shore would attempt to clear it or he had another available.

Bowrey presumably wrote enquiring about storage capacity for the cargo of the Worcester when he was notified that the ship had arrived at Leith. Despite being away from home, it was Bowrey working out the logistics for the cargo rather than any of the other owners.

It is an interesting insight into the East Indies Trade at the time. Independent merchants did not have the volume of stock to justify having their own warehouses unlike the East India Company and, with communication being so difficult, warehousing could not be arranged much in advance of the ship’s return. They relied on warehouse owners such as Shore and Bowrey’s friend, Nathaniel Long.


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