On This Day: 13 August 1702

On this day in 1702, Thomas Bowrey completed an agreement to hire the Resolution From Josiah Jenkins for a sum of £150 plus £2/10/0 per month for a three year trading voyage to the East Indies. The cost for three years would be worth approximately £35,000 today. William Daly was to be the commander.

From the few papers that survive concerning the Resolution, it would appear that she was a lucky ship (or, at least, not an unlucky ship) for Bowrey. He may have chartered her five years earlier as well but insufficient papers from that time survive to be certain. This second voyage appears to have ended successfully as, presumably, did the first.

That there are only a few documents relating to the Resolution over a probable two voyages over eight years reinforces my opinion that Bowrey papers are far from a full picture of his business dealings and that picture is distorted, showing more of is failures than his successes. It makes me wonder what stories have been lost with the documents that have not survived.

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