On This Day: 14 August 1704

On this day in 1704, Thomas Bowrey was still staying at Tunbridge Wells unaware that the Worcester had been seized in Scotland. He had received news about some of the misfortunes that had befallen the ship and her cargo on the Malabar Coast of India and these appear to have been causing him most concern. There had been premature rumours in London for a few weeks that the Worcester had been taken but it was still the poor trading results of the voyage that was on his mind..

In a draft letter to Charles Sherer, his friend in India, a month later Bowrey scored out the following passage: Here is arrived this season the Worcester, in whome I was chiefly concerned, in whose yoiage we suffer much by the imp(r)udence of Mr Callant, the supracargo, who had opportunity of making a very great voyage, had he pursued his instructions.

On 14 August, clearly Bowrey still believed that the ship would soon reach London either not believing the rumours of seizure or assuming that the ship would quickly be released. It could not have been more wrong.

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