On This Day: 20 August 1706

On this day in 1706, provisions started to be taken on board the Rising Sun. It took 32 days and the tendering charge for this was 3 shillings a day. In 32 days, the following were loaded:

From the butcher, Mr Johnson, some beef (possibly salt beef) and veal plus a great deal of mutton. The quantities and cuts of beef and veal are not specified but the list is more specific about the mutton. One forequarter. one hindquarter,  one non-specific quarter, four sides, one shoulder and one gint plus one unspecified cut of mutton were taken on board. I cannot identify what a gint was. In an economy reliant on woollen cloth, there must have been a lot of mutton available. The English sailors were known for expecting meat in their diet.

From the baker 250 of bread. I suspect that this was ships’ biscuits, or hard tack, such as Thomas Farriner of Pudding Lane made for the Royal Navy in 1666. According to Samuel Pepys, Royal Navy crew members should have one pound of such biscuits and a gallon of beer each day. They would need a lot of liquid to be able to eat the bread. This brings me to the final item …

From the brewer four barrels of beer.

The reverse shows Chandler’s Candles from the tallow chandler and two shovels. Tallow is the hard fat from beef cattle and sheep. Unprocessed (cheaper) tallow was yellow and unpleasant to burn but it could be boiled to remove the impurities. The processed tallow candles where whiter and not so unpleasant. Probably Chandler’s Candles were the processed variety.

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