On This Day: 25 August 1704

On this day in 1704, Matthew Woodman sent his bill for more cargo for the Mary Galley‘s trading voyage to the East Indies to Thomas Bowrey. Bowrey annotated the  bill 18 dozen knives and 96 dozen scissors but the bill also included a payment to the Sheath Maker for one gross (144).

What is confusing me is that the knives are described in the bill as Glass Haps Fitted rather than Knives. Glass knives were used during the Stone Age, made from naturally occurring obsidian volcanic glass. A glass fracture line is extremely sharp as anyone who has cut themselves on broken glass knows only too well. Glass knives were made in the early 20th century before the wide availability of stainless steel but I can find no reference to 18th century glass knives.

Woodman spells scissors sisers but, even allowing for eccentric spelling, I cannot work out what sort of knife a glass hap is.

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