On This Day: 26 August 1701

On this day in 1701, Thomas Bowrey drew up a note of the resolutions made at a meeting f the freighters of the Prosperous.

It was resolved that any deficiency in the £4,000 investment needed for the voyage (that could not be raised by selling shares) would be raised from bottomree on account of all the subscribers to this stock & in equall proportion to their subscriptions. I think that this means that each subscriber would need to raise his share of the deficiency by bottomage.

The second resolution listed the cargo that the Prosperous would carry out to the East Indies. The list started with 60 tons of second-hand iron guns to be supplied by Bowrey. The remaining cargo was to be made up from new iron guns, iron shot, anchors, iron and lead plus glassware, sword blades, cutlery, cheese, spirits, hats, silk stockings and woollen cloth. They would also carry 200 small arms, 10 barrels of powder, 4,000 flints and 8,000 bullets.

This appears to be very similar to the cargo of Speedy Return – the Scottish ship involved in the story of the Worcester – and, from the cargo alone, there has to be suspicions that it was planned that the Prosperous would trade with the pirates of Madagascar. The fates of the two ships were the same – to be taken by those pirates.

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