On This Day: 30 August 1707

On this day in 1707, Henry Smith wrote to Thomas Bowrey again from Edinburgh. Smith had been sending updates to Bowrey (addressed to Mrs Elizabeth Gardiner – Bowrey’s sister-in-law) from before arriving in the city but he starts this letter by complaining that there had been no letter from Bowrey for three posts.

This is a change in tone from Smith who, until now, had been eager to demonstrate his own diligence in the task he had been sent to accomplish. Nevertheless Smith had been working hard and he was bussy dayly to undermine Wood’s stubborne tempers. Wood hated Roderick MacKenzie yet moste of these People are soe inveterate against oure nation.

This was the general situation in Edinburgh. People believed that MacKenzie was in the wrong in the Worcester affair but had no desire to help the English. He had been battling against this dichotomy. Less than four months after the Union of England and Scotland, there was clearly a resentment in Scotland that, to some extent, lasts to this day.

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