On This Day: 2 September 1682

On this day in 1682, William Alford wrote to Thomas Bowrey giving his instructions for a trading voyage of the Adventure on behalf of all the owners. Bowrey was to sailed, at the earliest opportunity, from Fort St George (Madras) to Masulipatnan where he was to request a pilot and other assistance from Vincent Sayon. Bowrey was to take the Adventure up the river at Narsapore.

What this letter hides is that Bowrey was one of the same owners giving the orders. His part share of the Adventure was his first venture into business on his own account. Until then he had been learning his trade, working for others. He was paid a wage as the master of the Adventure – something that does not appear to have happened subsequently – indicating that perhaps he did not have much spare cash after the purchase of his share.

Thomas Bowrey was about to enter a new phase in his life.


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