On This Day: 4 September 1712

On this day 1712, Thomas Bowrey wrote letters to both Captain Andrew Searle and his son, also Andrew. As I have mentioned previously, the Searles were a family from the Epping area of Essex.

Andrew junior had run up large debts and was facing debtors’ prison. His father had, generously, agreed to pay off his debts as well as pay to put his grandson, yet another Andrew, through university enabling his to earn his own living. In addition, he would give his son £200 or £300 cash.

What is puzzling is why Bowrey needed to intervene to persuade the Captain’s son to accept his father’s offer. He felt it necessary to point out that the younger Andrew’s wife and children would become destitute if he did not accept the offer. As Bowrey wrote to Captain Searle, his offer was kind & reasonable. The only condition appears to have been is that the son sold Duck Lane Farm, his home.

This is not the only time that Bowrey became involved in helping others to recover from debt.

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