On This Day: 15 September 1703

On this day in 1703, William Norris, box maker, sent his bill to Thomas Bowrey.

Norris supplied a number of chests of various types to Bowrey including: iron bound chests, chests for glasses and cases for strong waters. These were reasonably self-explanatory as were the 4 foot and 3 foot chests but I am not sure what cases home or the 1/2 chests were.

The majority of the chests must have been for cargo on board a ship because of the volume ordered – most were purchased by the dozen. Perhaps the cases home were for domestic use (there were only 6 of them) but I would have expected those to have been described as chest and not cases. A 3 foot 1/2 chest was perhaps one not as deep or high.

What surprises me about the bulk of the chests purchased is that they were necessary. There are many bills for cargo purchased in volume in Bowrey’s papers. Surely these came packed in cases from the maker. Why would a freighter need additional cases?

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