On This Day: 16 September 1707

On this day in 1707, Henry Smith in Edinburgh received three letters from Thomas Bowrey all of one tennour and date all ordering Smith to return For England. He wrote that he would comply and leave the next day. He was healthy but Indifferent this ten days laste. The rain was cold and the weather like winter. He would return as quickly as possible. I think he was pleased to be leaving Scotland.

He did not find it easy, however. Going privately to collect a horse, Mrs Binning and her firey faced lawyer confronted him. Barbara Binning had looked after John Madder before his execution and was attempting to reclaim her expenses from Bowrey and the other freighters of the Worcester. She had made life difficult for Smith and was now stopping him leaving. He eventually got away for her by noon but, rather than risk further trouble, slipped out of a back gate.

His return journey took many days. Leaving on Wednesday 17 September, he reached Morpeth on the Friday. Travelling via Newcastle, Durham and Wetherby, Smith arrived at Doncaster a week after setting off. Three days later, he spent the night at Market Harborough. From there he travelled via Olney and St Albans, reaching London in a total of twelve days. He calculated that he had covered 288 miles.

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