On This Day: 19 September 1679

Today’s document is one that proves that Thomas Bowrey’s future father-in-law was involved in trade in addition to being an apothecary. On this day in 1679, John Payne wrote to Phillip Gardiner, Captain Nicholas Kerrington & Rest of Owners from Brindisi, Italy. He had previousing written to them from Gallipoli. The reverse of the document was addressed to Phillip Gardiner Apothecary from which we can assume the Gardiner was one of the principal investors. He later invested in at least one of Bowrey’s ventures.

Gardiner was described by Bowrey as a kinsman and cousin at different times but I have been unable to establish their exact relationship. Bowrey knew Gardiner before he returned from the East Indies. Gardiner owned property and was buried in Clacton, Essex but I have been unable to find any concrete connection with that country. He married and practiced in Wapping where his three daughters were born. He took apprentices as an apothecary but, otherwise, he remains a mystery.

I would dearly love to discover his exact relationship with Bowrey. Could they have been related through Bowrey’s mother? I know very little about her.

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