On This Day: 28 September 1671

On this in 1671, W Catt wrote to Philip Gyfford, the Governor of Bombay, from the Swally Marine about the wine landed by the London. The letter is the oldest manuscript surviving in Thomas Bowrey’s papers but it is difficult to understand why it was ever in his possession. Whilst doing nothing to help me in understanding Bowrey’s life, posting details here may one day help someone else in their research.

Signed Your affectionate Friend and mentioning Gyfford’s wife, the two men were clearly on friendly terms. It is not likely to have been a letter that would have been retained in the  official East India Company records.

The letter has been endorsed on the reverse in the same way that Bowrey endorsed many of his papers but the endorsement is not in Bowrey’s hand nor Catt’s or that of anyone I recognise. The endorsement, which says Sw Marrine 28th 7ber [September] 1671 Mathew Gray,. adds nothing to our understanding.

The letter mentions Captain Shaxton who is recorded as serving at Bombay in 1672 alongside Stephen Adderton who was later to become related to Bowrey through marriage but this is unlikely to be the explanation. Bowrey had no known connection with Catt or Gyfford.



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