On This Day: 2 October 2017

On this day, over the years, there are a great many receipted bill’s in Captain Thomas Bowrey’s Papers – it was a prime time of year for fitting out a ship bound for the East Indies – but they are all quite boring and I thought it about time I said something, again,  about why I am writing this blog.

I am in the process of writing Bowrey’s biography. He left a wealth of material touching on his life in the Papers discovered over a century ago at Cleeve Prior. I am using these Papers, combined with more conventional genealogical sources and the archive of the East India Company, to write the story of his life. In doing so, I am only just the latest in a long line of researchers to study and use the Papers.

However, I believe that even more people could find material of interest in the Papers – family historians, social historians and historians of many other hues. Alongside writing the biography, I am also compiling a comprehensive and much more detailed catalogue of the Papers and other documents relating to Bowrey than currently exists. I hope, eventually, to make this comprehensive catalogue available in a number of ways.

Whilst I started writing this blog to make people aware of the biography I am writing and commenced this year-long On This Day series as a writing challenge, I also hope that it may have another purpose. By describing a variety of different manuscripts and naming as many names as possible, I hope that I will enable very many more people discover what may be of interest to them. For simplicity, I am not quoting sources in this blog but I am happy to supply these to anyone who contacts me.

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