On This Day: 3 October 1705

On this day in 1705, Charles Sherer wrote to Thomas Bowrey in London from Kinsale, Scotland. Sherer was working his passage home from India on the Scipio and finished his letter by asking Bowrey to send word to his wife of his and her son’s safe arrival and good health by the next ship leaving for the East Indies. This is the letter I mentioned a week ago explaining that Richard Williams returned home as a passenger on a separate ship.

Sherer’s wife was the sister of Bowrey’s deceased business partner, Robert, Masfen, and remained in India because she was not well enough to travel home having recently been very sick. Sickness and mortality were a constant risk in the East and at sea. Sherer had the distressing news for Bowrey that his kinsman, Midleton, was dangerously ill and not expected to live. Bowrey had four Midleton cousins. It is a shame that the letter does not say which this was but, I think, it was possibly John.

Sherer sent news of the ships waiting in Kinsale for a convey to London. Bowrey had invested in the Scipio five years earlier. He does not appear to have had an interest in her current voyage but would have been pleased to know that the Marlborough (from China), Anne Galley (from Bencolen) and Rochester (from Surat) were safe. Bowrey had invested in all three.


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