On This Day: 6 October 1669

On this day in 1669, the East India Company in Bombay reported the death of Thomas Bowrey’s relative, Captain Samuel Smith, to their superiors in Surat.

Smith, who had died of a flux during the night, had been supervising the building of the fortifications at the new Company settlement of Bombay. The work, to Smith’s own design, had been going very well and they hoped this would continue under Smith’s replacement.

Smith had been the captain of the Little Charles sent to India with special orders following a revolt in Fort St George on the East Coast of India. He had also carried a copper plate showing the destruction of London in the Great Fire. Because his departure had been delayed, Smith had gone first to Bombay on the West Coast. Here, he was prevailed on to take charge of the building of the fortifications and the Little Charles had proceeded under a new master.

Smith’s wife, previously Elizabeth Bowrey, was on her way to Bombay unaware of the fate of her husband.

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